Review and iterate technical documents with less pain and more control.

Collaborative document editor for contracts, specifications and policies.

  • Painless contributions from different teams
  • Independent approvals for separate changes
  • Total version control where nothing slips past
  • Compare any two versions for instant redlining and tracked changes
  • Share documents in a screen-friendly format with no downloads
  • Manage a library of templates and precedents
  • Full audit trail and records of contributions, changes and decisions

Painless large-scale co-authoring and collaboration

Built from the ground-up to support large-scale collaboration.

Forget the frustrations of tools that aren’t up to the job and manual processing of comments and contributions.

Collaborate with any number of people while reducing the admin.

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document surrounded by many people
four-piece jigsaw puzzle with one word in each. The text says Approve, Consult, Track and Audit Trail.

Integrated Governance and Assurance

Manage consultation, approvals and deadlines from the same interface as authoring.

Keep a full audit trail of contributions and changes without spreadsheets and disconnected tools.

Progressive assurance and continuous maintenance of documentation so that content is accurate and up to date.

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Iterative development, publication and maintenance

Ensure your documentation is kept up to date through continuous development and publication.

Invite feedback and contributions directly from users without affecting the published version.

Adopt more agile and iterative approaches to your document maintenance.

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Double loop with arrows pointing clockwise. The inner loop says govern, develop and consult. The outer loop says govern, publish, feedback.