Barbal for Projects

Barbal for Projects

Whether your project is producing a standard or delivering major infrastructure, Barbal can help you control risks, minimise administration and achieve your project outcomes quicker.

Documentation Projects

20% of your effort is being wasted on inefficient, general-purpose word-processors that aren’t designed for the job.

Barbal lets you engage stakeholders more effectively and collaborate with ease across organisations without losing control of the master copy or dealing with contributions that arrive in spreadsheets, tracked-change documents, marked-up PDF or email.

Barbal handles templates, consultations and commenting, background information, user roles and approvals in an integrated user friendly experience.

Save time, money and frustration whilst producing and maintaining better technical documentation for internal, client or industry use.

Project Documentation

Setting up your policies, standards and procedures early is a major component of project success.

Getting this done well can be slow and expensive, hitting your critical path and introducing rework when finally ready. Even then, directing the project team to find the documentation among all the other project information is almost impossible.

Barbal complements your existing Common Data Environments and Document Management Systems to provide a repository for your project’s management documentation, helping you to develop and communicate your project’s ways of working quicker and with less effort.

Barbal’s content-level version control and authorisation workflow means that documentation can be maintained throughout the project without adding additional complexity and painful change management.