Get control of major bid programmes. Save time, money and stress

As the bid manager, your job is to coordinate teams to produce a winning submission. But too often you feel like a glorified document administrator.

Major bids are projects in their own right. As the bid manager, few aspects of the tender programme are under your direct control; most require the cooperation of others. There’s a lot of work in gathering inputs from subject matter experts and aligning them with your storyboard and win themes.

This means many of versions of lots of documents that need to be brought together into a cohesive submission. Which is reviewed and refined several times over the course of the bid programme. There’s lot of activity, but little visibility over who is progressing their work.

Streamline your bid programme

Each stage in the bid programme, increases the confidence that bidding is the right thing to do. But governance and assurance processes introduce bottlenecks and more painful document admin.

As a bid manager you should be focussed on making life easier for everyone contributing to your submission, but that shouldn’t mean late nights fighting your document editor to get review versions ready.

Focus on what matters

Above all, Barbal provides focus on what matters – the content.

Our online platform does all the heavy lifting on the document admin and gives you visibility of where work is (or isn’t) taking place.

From tracking win themes and combining drafts through to locking document formatting and managing comments, Barbal gives you the tools you need to for a focussed and winning bid programme.

Save time, money and stress

Let’s face it, major bids are expensive and stressful.

Save time and money, and avoid those headaches with a platform dedicated to developing of large, complex documents with control.

To learn more about how Barbal can make you a bid management superhero watch our demo.