Collaboration for lawyers

Commercial lawyers waste 20% of their time on document admin

Working with others to draft, review and agree documents is what you do. Collaborating with other lawyers is also the most painful part of your job.

Traditional document editors and real-time collaborative tools make your life more complicated, when they should be making it easier.

Draft in private. Share when ready.

Barbal is a new document editor designed for contracts, policies and specifications.

We automate all the merging and keep privileged comments private so that you can focus delivering value, not document admin.

Concurrent collaboration

Sketch with lawyers collaborating on a document

Collaborate internally and externally without risking confidential information. Speed up deals and boost client satisfaction.

Barbal’s secure collaboration workflow can be driving revenue and efficiencies in your firm within 4 weeks.

Find out more about concurrent collaboration here.

For more information about how Barbal can save your firm time and money, watch our walkthrough video or email us on to book a demo.

Introducing Barbal

Barbal is a document collaboration startup based in Bristol, the UK’s emerging LegalTech cluster.

When helping the UK Highways Authorities to revise their design specifications, Barbal founders Tom and Dave became acutely aware of the problems lawyers and commercial managers face reviewing documents. Too much time is lost to merging documents, cleaning comments and dealing with version chaos.

They saw how traditional document editors require painful levels of admin, and also that modern real-time editors aren’t appropriate for professionals who want to craft their contributions and get internal reviews before others can see their changes. Barbal is inspired by the way large software teams collaborate on code at scale and pace. Draft in private, share when ready. Bring focus onto the key issues. Complete version control where nothing ever slips through the gaps.

Barbal’s collaborative document editor for lawyers incorporates strict template management, team-based drafting workflows, comment privacy controls and a full audit trail. Our secure cloud technology is trusted by law firms, defence agencies and construction companies to save time, reduce risks and boost profits.

We offer two capabilities to law firms:

  • Concurrent collaboration is Barbal’s vanilla offering, allowing you to draft, negotiate and agree documents faster and with less pain; reclaiming the 20% of time lost by lawyers to document administration.
  • Knowledge as a Service builds on our content version control capabilities, allowing firms to manage precedents and knowledge more effectively; reusing content in client work, and even unlocking subscription business models where updates can be pushed to a portfolio of clients’ policies and templates with the press of a button.

We’d love to get to know you and understand your key document collaboration challenges. To book a meeting with us, email or book a demo via our website.