Develop and maintain legal knowledge

Make your firm more agile through efficient and collaborative sharing of internal knowledge.

Law firms are under increasing pressure to keep up with a fast-changing world. Across all sectors legislation, digitisation and market dynamics are transforming the advice lawyers give their clients, and the way legal services are delivered.

Clients expect firms to be agile and respond to their legal needs, but maintaining pace whilst keeping control of your firm’s core know-how is only becoming harder.

A sideway figure of eight looping arrows. The arrows are labelled Drafting, Review, Approvals, Publish, Feedback, Proposals, Prioritise

A tool for knowledge lawyers

Don’t let your knowledge sit on a shelf gathering dust whilst fee earners make up their own ways of doing things.

Barbal supports knowledge lawyers to collaborate with users and develop resources more efficiently. Collect feedback and suggestions from fee earners to quickly revise knowledge; all underpinned by your quality management and approvals process.

Iterate frequently to correct omissions or changing conditions and make sure everyone has access to your clause banks, practice notes and precedents.

To learn more about how Barbal can make your firm more agile, watch our demo.