Procure projects faster and with less stress

“Why is procurement delayed?”

Sounds familiar? Unfortunately, it’s all-too-common that procurement teams get blamed for a series of issues across project teams that result in the same painful outcome – procurement delays.

If this question haunts you, then it’s time to do something about it.

Whether, you call them specifications , requirements or scope, getting a watertight description of the services to be delivered means pulling input from many teams and subject matter experts.

As the procurement manager, your job is to coordinate and influence. But too often you don’t have enough visibility of work in progress and get a glut of submissions at the last minute. This means bottlenecks, delays and stress.

Barbal for Procurement Teams

Barbal is here to make you the best procurement manager in town. Our online platform does all the heavy lifting on the document admin and gives you visibility of where work is (or isn’t) taking place.

Put yourself back in the driving seat, do what you do best and say goodbye to pre-tender delays.

A project within a project

Procurement is often overlooked in the project schedule as a tick-box activity to be checked off. But you know that procurement is critical to project success.

Over- or under-constraining the deliverables exposes your employer to risk. As a key part of the supply contract, procurement documents need to be extensive to cover delivery risks and open enough so suppliers can bring their own innovations and good ideas.

Barbal has all the tools you need to run the pre-tender phase as a project; collecting and assuring requirements and making sure everyone has visibility of standards, deadlines and interfaces.

To learn more about how Barbal can help you become a procurement superhero watch our demo.