All you need for development, collaboration and version control

Take control of your documentation projects, without the headaches.

Barbal automates the tedious jobs that make being responsible for developing complex documents stressful.
Let us do the heavy-lifting so that you can focus on what matters: high quality content.

Develop and maintain complex documents more efficiently

When there’s a lot going on, the last thing you need is problems with styles and version control.

Barbal is best suited for complex documents where either:

  • Many people need to be involved in drafting or reviewing,
  • Many inter-dependent chapters or documents need to be managed as one set, or
  • There are lots of changes and it’s vital that nothing slips through the gaps
A screen shot of the Barbal editor showing some tracked changes

Collaborate internally and across teams with full version control

A secure platform supporting internal and external collaboration.

Easily organise collaborators into teams, and allow each to draft and review their changes before instantly sharing them with everyone else.

Ensure that only those who need access to a document are able to get it.

Watch the demo to see Barbal’s unique collaboration workflow in action.

Screenshot of Barbal's create a team feature

Plan, assign and approve changes with an integrated issue tracker

Understanding what’s going on in your document usually means additional spreadsheets, minutes, emails and confusion.

Track issues, good ideas, win-themes and more and give clear, in-context instructions to those working on your document.

Assign work to individuals or teams and track progress against deadlines and quality requirements.

See exactly the changes been made, along with a justification, and approve or reject when ready.

Screenshot showing Barbal's link to theme feature

Access a full audit trail of all changes

Finding out why a sentence says what it does can mean tediously reviewing dozens of versions to spot the needle in the haystack.

Barbal manages changes to paragraphs, not files, and keeps the full history of every save.

So you can quicky uncover the full history of every sentence and understand how a position was reached.

Screenshot showing Barbal's version history feature