Streamline negotiations in Africa

Close deals faster. Reduce legal fees.

Negotiating contracts slows down deals.

With many people involved on both sides of the table, critical time is lost managing comments, chasing actions and merging changes. Buyers move on and delivery teams get impatient; the risk of a contract going cold or work at risk increases.

In partnership with The British African Business Alliance

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Draft bespoke or negotiated agreements collaboratively

Draft in private. Share when ready.

A central knowledge hub so stakeholders have fast access to contract revisions and relevant flagged comments. Eliminating the costly manual processing that come with negotiated and bespoke agreements.

Barbal saves time and cost while improving quality and morale.

“Businesses entering Africa rely on good relationships with other organisations, including investors, delivery partners and regulators. Barbal helps strengthen relationships and get more projects initiated by streamlining one of the most painful aspects of getting started – the paperwork!”

Andrew Jason, Managing Director, British African Business Alliance

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