Experts in standardisation, collaboration and consensus

The Barbal Knowledge Partners team works with clients in the public, private and third sectors to support them with all aspects of their standardisation and knowledge challenges.

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We can support you from exploration and facilitation through to full business change and exploitation.

Our team of experts have a background in engineering and multi-stakeholder management, bringing both the technical and softer skills needed to solve even the most complex of standards and knowledge management tasks.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you with:

  • Standards facilitation, technical authoring and project management
  • Consensus facilitation using our trademark Open Consensus Approach
  • Standards and digital transformation consulting, including automation, Building Information Modelling (BIM), digital twins and distributed manufacturing
  • Process design and advisory for knowledge management and standards-setting

Our Projects

Highways England

Advisory services to improve the structure, content and usability of standards. Digitalisation of standards and collaboration workflows. Programme management.

  • Future DMRB Project
  • Digital MCHW Project
  • Refresh of Departures from Standards

Construction Knowledge Task Group

Facilitation, project management and technical authoring.

  • Making Construction Knowledge Discoverable, an open standard for construction knowledge practitioners

Internet of Production Alliance

Facilitation, project management and technical authoring.

  • Open Know-how, an open standard for open source hardware documentation
  • Open Know-where, an open standard for exchanging data about manufacturing capabilities