Manage technical standards, policies and guidance documents without the pain

For authoritative documentation like standards and industry guidance, you need robust governance and to make sure content keeps pace with best practice and business needs. But co-ordinating authors and reviewers, drafts and comments is stressful and time-consuming.

Barbal’s platform for online development and maintenance of knowledge assets like standards and guidance, supports community development of documents and help you to maintain and iterate them more quickly, with better consultation and more control.

“The power of the Barbal platform is being proven with a set of NATO Standards that we maintain.

The technology will save us many hours of painful administrative work! It is great for helping us co-ordinate technical updates across a number of international teams.”

INSA Secretary

International Naval Safety Association Logo

Our cloud software is trusted for international standards, engineering standards and data standards and our Knowledge Partners teams can help with all aspects of managing or developing industry-level documents.

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