Localisation and global stakeholder engagement – thinking globally, acting locally. 

Based on an interview with Antonella Adamus, Standards Development Manager, RICS


Antonella’s passion and work with standards made her realize how much this sector needs a community like Fusebox. She will be speaking about issues that require collaboration in order for improvement. Ergo, Fusebox!


It is important for a global organization to localize its content and ‘act local’ which in essence refers to obtaining local insight from their regional partners, developing collaborative global content and ensuring there are no barriers to its adoption within those markets. Antonella Adamus, the Standards Development Manager at RICS, will be diving into this essential theme at the upcoming Fusebox London event. She heads a team responsible for project management of standards and insight papers, from commissioning and approval all the way to publication and post-publication maintenance. 

Her team is also responsible for the management of digital communities, through which RICS engages with sector experts worldwide, facilitating healthy discussions and debates on relevant topics. These insights can go on to form the basis of a new standard commission.

 It is Antonella’s belief that standards make the world a better, safer place and should be underpinned by the principles of cooperation and transparency. Having fostered a platform for conversation within her own organization, Antonella realizes her passion for creating an event like Fusebox. “Standards makers should collaborate, not compete” she iterates.

Thinking globally and acting locally” is important if organizations decide to take a global approach. It is essential that content is developed in partnership with regional stakeholders, rather than at an “HQ” with the expectation that it will be adopted by the local markets after publication. The question she proposes to our standards community is “How can we expect professionals in a certain country to use a mandatory standard we know from the outset they will not understand because it is not sensitive to their context or even provided in their language?” A question that you can contribute to at Fusebox on the 15th of October.


Antonella will be speaking at Fusebox London on Tuesday 15th October. You can sign up to join the event here.



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