Why standards?

Why standards?

A standard is just an agreed way of doing something; whether that is exchanging data or building a bridge.

Publishing a standard is one of the most effective ways to share innovation or best practice with a wide audience. Standards are used in every corner of the economy to remove barriers to trade and improve quality and safety. They are an essential mechanism for all businesses.

Imagine a world where you couldn’t be sure that the gas you put in the car works with your engine, every printer works with a different size of paper and you had to change your sockets for every new appliance you buy for your house. That’s a world without standards.

Yet, the process of publishing a standard can be slow. By definition, a standard requires agreement (“consensus”) from a group of people to be accepted and the tools standards makers use have not kept pace with modern collaboration technologies. StandardsRepo has been built to help the world publish better standards faster.

Share innovation or best practice

If you and a group of peers have an innovation you want to share something with a wide audience or have a way of working that you think should be adopted as best practice, then a standard is one of your best options.

Standards provide something that people can refer to and can be measured against. They provide a stamp of quality so that others know what you mean when you say you do something. For example, “we manage our quality” is a much less powerful statement than “we have a quality management system certified to ISO 9001”.

StandardsRepo works with standards setting bodies to accelerate their workflow, and we also support community driven standards so that you can just start working and getting feedback on a new standard. Once you’ve got a strong start we can then help you explore your options for working with official bodies to get the standard adopted as a national or international standard.